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Who I Am

Mike Schrader, Coach and Consultant

I have been a management coach and consultant for over fifteen years.  I also teach consulting in the University of Missouri MBA program.  Besides managing my own little consulting firm, I also own and am actively involved in the operations of high-tech health care firm. My partners are doctors, who are all brilliant.  Having said all of this, I do a lot of cat herding  with the team.  I understand the problems of entrepreneurs.  Oh boy, do I understand.  

What is RAA?

RAA, responsibility, autonomy and accountability, is the cornerstone of all good management.  Give someone the responsibility to do something, let them do it,  and then review the results.  If they succeed, give them more responsibility, and go through the process again.  If they continue to fail, they get less reposnibility until they are no longer viable members of the organization.  It is a simple management style and when applied with a little patience, works wonders in an organization.


“Mike helped me understand my company that allowed me to grow from a 1 person home based business to a 9 person network consulting firm.  Highly  recommended, he presents the reality of the business in simple words, provides tools to measure company performance and offers ideas for potential expansion of the business."

Jakub Sarnecki,

Managing Partner, JS Computek

Barrack Obama

“Mike is a thoughtful, direct, and innovative thinker. He doesn't claim to know it all, but instead listens intently, asks the right questions, and helps you reason through possible solutions. Mike is also a great guy, who truly cares about people. If you get a chance to work with him, do so. You won't be disappointed."

Brent Beshore

CEO ,AdVentures

 Founder of PURE Marketing


“"I've consulted with Mike regarding a variety of business ventures and career moves in the last 6 years. He consistently delivers sound advice. What I like most about Mike is that he asks me the hard questions with good intentions, and I walk away with clarity."

Travis Smith

                  VP of Search Marketing at PURE

The image has not been altered in any way.  My head really is this big. Finding football helmets was really tough.

Contact Me
Mike Schrader
The Hedgehog Consulting Group LLC
Columbia, MO 65202

I am a management coach and consultant.  What is the difference?  When I am wearing my consultant’s shoes (admittedly they look the same as my coach’s shoes.   Yes I wear soccer shoes when I work, but they are mostly black and I always try to make sure they match my belt.  BTW, here they are.) I am usually working on very specific projects with set outcomes and very unambiguous solutions.  For example, clients often ask me to do financial analyses for their businesses.  Other consulting services include creating strategic planing, business plans and financial projections.

When I put on my coaching shoes (same shoes as above, only metaphorically different) I focus on working directly with a business owner or an executive to find ways to solve more ethereal, hard to define problems.  This most often involves personnel, and 9 times out of 10, personal issues.  We meet to discuss these issues, any frustrations they might cause, and strategies to help alleviate the problem. This process is often it is very difficult.  I believe in aggressively pushing the client forward to handle situations by themselves.  It is often painful, but then everything worthwhile usually is difficult.  The process has proven effective over the years.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  Even if we don’t work together, maybe we can talk soccer.  Go Tottenham Hotspurs!

What I Do